Terry L.

Relying on a cane for all means of mobility is a quick way to feel as if your body is giving up on you. I felt as if my body had turned its back on me, feeling extreme pain that would start in my spine and go all the way through my legs. When simple trips to the grocery store put me in agonizing pain, I knew I had to do something about it.

One of my friends let me know about IMAC Regeneration Centers and the innovative treatments they provide. After sitting down and hearing what they could do to help the bulging disc in my back and my bone on bone knees I knew this was my answer.

After a short week and a half of regenerative medical treatments, I started to feel little to no pain in my back or knees. I was beginning to walk again and the people I was closest with were stunned at my progress. After completing my treatment, I feel one hundred percent better and have officially been able to retire my cane.

IMAC Regeneration Centers helped me avoid three major surgeries, saving me a great deal of money and the excruciating pain of recovery.  Watch Terry’s story in her own words here.

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