Mark C.

Entering retirement, I had every intention of enjoying life and spending most of my days on the golf course. After waking one morning with a severe pain in my hip that left me unable to walk more than ten feet without stopping, I knew I had to get this taken care of. I went to my orthopedic surgeon, where he took x-rays and MRI. I was shocked when he suggested that I have a hip replacement. There was no injury to my hip, just normal wear and tear, so I decided to look into something else.

After researching, I came across IMAC Regeneration Centers and decided to get a second opinion on my hip. Once the evaluation was complete, they informed me that they could help my hip by treating it with PRP and stem cell treatment coupled with physical therapy and chiropractic care. During therapy, they helped to strengthen my core muscles to achieve greater flexibility when moving my hips in various directions. Throughout this whole process, the pain in my hip was beginning to subside.

When I began to see the affects the PRP and stem cells were having on me, I was over the moon. I was able to walk with no pain and was able to resume my favorite activity of playing golf. After returning to normal activities I have had no reoccurring issues with my hips.

The treatment at the IMAC Regeneration Centers definitely beat the alternative of having hip replacement surgery. I am happy to say I was the first patient to complete the protocol for hips at the new St. Louis location and would recommend this place to anyone.

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