Lorene M.

Upon looking at my most recent MRI my pain management doctor said, “if I did not know that these images were yours I would think that the person in these would not be able to walk in here today.” This moment is when I realized that the pain I had been fighting for the past seven years was going to steal my life away from me if I did not try something else.

I decided to consult a surgeon knowing even if it meant having surgery I was willing to overcome my fear to no longer be in so much pain. To confirm that surgery was necessary I completed a myelogram which showed devastating yet wonderful news – I was not a candidate for surgery.

Losing all hope of becoming pain free I reached out to my primary care doctor who informed me of the IMAC Regeneration Center. He explained that the center focuses on restoring your body with regenerative medicine back to a state of health rather than conventional medicines approach of managing the symptoms. I called to schedule my appointment from the lobby, feeling hopeful this could be my answer.

After being presented with the treatment program that was designed specifically for me by the IMAC team I knew I had found my place. For the first time in seven years I was beginning to see progress and knew that eventually I would be able to return to the things I loved most – biking, gardening, walking my dog, and playing with my children.

I finally felt as though I had a team of caregivers on my side and am now pain free and can move in ways that I know will be the foundation to building a stronger version of me.

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