Karen G.


I had PRP injections in both my knees and one ankle three years ago. I was in severe pain from ACL surgeries and several sprains and breaks in my ankle. It was so bad, I could not sleep at night! My doctor told me the only way to get rid of pain was total knee replacement. I knew if I got that done, there would be no more running and tennis for me, so I turned to IMAC. After one week, I returned to running and all my active sports! I have zero pain in my knees and ankle! Recently, I have had hip pain due to a fall hiking on a mountain. I received PRP and I am planning another injection soon. I am also back jogging and I am planning another hike up that same mountain! My advice to patients is: Don’t always resort to joint replacement. Try alternative treatments first! Thank you, IMAC!

– Karen G.


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December 14, 2018

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