Chad H.

I came to IMAC Regeneration Centers because my knee pain was so bad it felt like I was being stabbed in the side of my legs with a knife.  I had no cartilage left, both knees were bone on bone.  My quality of life had diminished due to not being able to participate in activities like I had in the past. The only hope doctors had given me was total knee replacement surgery.  I did not want to go that route and looked in to other options.

I heard IMAC Regeneration Centers had non-surgical options for knee pain and decided to have an evaluation to find out if I was a candidate for their treatments.  They determined the Delta Knee Procedure would be the best treatment for my condition and had seen many patients experience success with the same issues.  I decided it was the best choice for me and got started right away.

My results have been amazing!  I walked in to IMAC Regeneration Centers on a cane and now I come in dancing.  The proof is in the X-Rays.  My knees which were bone on bone have new cartilage and continue to improve.  I am so happy I have been able to return to my active lifestyle and I have IMAC to thank for that opportunity!

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