Carrie O.Carrie O.

I had reached the point that I would cry when getting out of my car because of the pain in my back and neck. Pain would shoot down my right arm and I suffered from daily headaches. My lower back caused extreme pain in my right leg and hip to the point that I was unable to shift weight to my right leg. When driving I could not press the brake pedal for any length of time so I would put my car in park at stop lights.

At IMAC Regeneration Centers, I received decompression therapy along with physical therapy and PRP injections in my back and neck. The treatment at IMAC was life changing! I am now able to sit for extended periods of time and shift weight to my right leg. I am able to sit through both Sunday school and Church service and climb two flights of stairs normally.

The improvements in my condition came so fast and were so obvious that three of my family members are now patients at IMAC Regeneration Centers.

I recommend IMAC Regeneration Centers to my family and friends. From the girls at the front desk, to the staff in physical therapy, to ALL the doctors- everyone treats you like you matter.

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